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Welcome to Paula's Writing Page

What I am Writing

Non Fiction

As well as my Crime, Mystery and Suspense works, at present I am working on an ebook and ecourse on Stress Management.  Stress touches us all at some stage.

My big work in progress is a  True Crime Story.  A fifty year old child abduction that has never been solved and the  long lived and far reaching effects for those left behind.

This Story will have a  separate page in the next few weeks. Stay posted.

Why Stress Management

Many years ago I suffered the effects of stress and know how debilitating it can be. I trained in Stress Management, Meditation and Yoga and realised the need for people to learn how to control stress in everyday life.

How To Manage Stress and Take Back Control Of Your Life.

Understanding what stress is, what causes it, the effects stress can have ( short and long term) on your mind and body and how you can deal with stress and improve your health and indeed your life.